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Our Services

Our competent team is here to protect your valuable teeth, to perfectly replace lost teeth and to solve your dental problems; easy or complex as they may be.

Prophylaxis / professional cleaning

Thoroughly executed prophylaxis prevents lesions, saves treatment costs and helps you avoid dental pain. Professional cleaning is part of dental prophylactic, prevents cavities, keeps your gums healthy and allows early detection of periodontal pathology. Our dental hygienist will gladly help you to find out how you can take care of your teeth at home to prevent diseases.

General dental treatment

Restorative treatment

With minimal-invasive dental treatment we can repair cavities.

Root canal treatments

The newest electronic instruments allow us to perform delicate treatment safely.

Crowns and dentures

In direct cooperation with our dental technician, we are able to produce bridges, crowns and dentures tailored to your specific anatomical morphology.


Dental treatment for children

We take special interest in the health of the children's teeth. We make sure that our young patients feel comfortable and we adjust our treatment to their age.

Implants / Dental surgery

Orthodontics for children and adults

Dental orthodontics is a specialized field in dentistry, which concentrates on preventing and correcting teeth misplacement. To propose you a cost efficient service, we share our infrastructure and practice with the orthodontists "Orthodontie-Peseux". Please find here the link to the corresponding site.

Digital radiology

It is important to us to have a state of the art X-Ray technology, to minimize your exposure to the x-rays, and to have the finest available diagnostic possibilities. For that reason we work exclusively with digital x-rays, from the intraoral picture taking to the 3D x-ray.