Les Dentistes de la Fontaine
Place de la Fontaine 4
CH - 2034 Peseux

T 032 731 45 88
E info(at)dentistes-lauenstein.ch

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Our vision

Our obligation: an efficient treatment and satisfied patients!

We are here for you !

Opening hours :
Monday to Thursday : 8h00-12h00 / 14h00-18h00
Friday : 8h00-17h00

All under one roof

You will find all the specific fields of dentistry under our roof. It makes the communication easier and the treatment more efficient. Besides prophylactic care, dental hygiene and general dentistry, we offer you also specialists in implantology and orthodontics, backed up with our own dental labor.

Minimal-invasive dental care

Whenever possible, our dental treatment focuses on prophylactic care and it will be a pleasure for us to develop together with you your personal treatment plan.

Quality is most important to us

We always visit continuing education to offer you the most up to date dental treatment. Complicate cases are treated together with specialists and are surveyed on the long term.

Team work ! The Patient and the Dentist

It is important to us to have a "patient-dentist" bond of trust. The basis for a successful and a cost-efficient treatment is the trust between the patient and the dentist. Thanks to this teamwork an optimal treatment with a satisfied patient can be performed. Our biggest sign of gratitude is a broad smile at the completion of the treatment.

Recall service

Our reminder-service helps you not to forget to periodically visit the hygienist. We offer you this service with a reminder SMS or letter.
The regularity of dental-film removal and a dental check-up is very important for your life long dental health. Generally, we recommend young patient a dental visit once a year. Older patient with a larger and more complex dental history are suggested to come in every 6 months.


Dental emergencies involving pain are treated with the highest priority, without an appointment, we will try to help you as fast as possible.

When our practice is closed, please contact our on-call dentist colleague at this telephone number: 0 848 134 134

What are the costs of the treatment?

For a large treatment, we will make an estimate of costs for you in advance, which we will discuss and explain to you. An estimate of cost can only be done after a first examination. The foundation for the upcoming costs is based on tax-point system, which is the following :

Nous utilisons la valeur 1.0 du tarif dentaire SSO 2018 (selon Dentotar)


To ensure good understanding, we speak the following languages in our practice :