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Healthy good looking teeth enhance our quality of life. They improve our well being and our self-esteem. A well adjusted placement of the jaws and teeth has a positive influence on the whole organism and helps the long term health of your teeth. A nice smile can influence your social well being, it appears kind and attractive!

The field of dental orthodontics includes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of teeth and jaw misplacement for children, teenagers and adults.

To offer you a high quality orthodontic treatment, we share our practice with the specialist of the "Orthodontie-Peseux".

Before each orthodontic treatment a thorough diagnosis with a treatment plan will be developed. This is the basis for a binding cost estimation, which will be used for your insurance policy and payment.

A smart treatment plan, optimal timing and a good cooperation with the patient are keys for a short and efficient treatment !

An orthodontic treatment follows usually the following steps:

  • First meeting (anamnesis, discussion of the findings and the possible treatments)
  • Diagnosis (x-rays, imprints, pictures)
  • Second meeting (establishment of the treatment variations,their costs and duration)
  • Treatment
  • Retention
  • Completion of the treatment

Teeth cleaning and calculus removal. Your dental hygiene will be analyzed and we will give your personal advice to optimize the oral health.